Introducing HomeWise

What does it take to make a house a HomeWise home? 

Of course, energy efficiency is at or near the top of any list when it comes to smart reasons to build a new Dominion home – that’s why every new home we build is 35% more efficient than code on average.  But that’s not all that goes into making a home HomeWise.
We use quality products and building processes so that you’ll be as in love with your home years from now as you are today. 
We ensure you’ll be comfortable inside your home no matter what the weather is outside. 
We make it a point to work with suppliers who share our values when it comes to being eco-friendly
We load up our homes with products that keep you and your family safer.
Not only do we put our homeowners’ feedback to good use by developing home designs for the way you live today, we provide an experience where you get to design your brand new décor around your own personal style.
We understand that owning a new home is one of life’s biggest accomplishments.  Building a new Dominion home not only saves you money at the outset it also saves you money in the long run.

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